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Andy Cohen has babies on the brain.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on "Today" to promote his new book, "Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries," Andy said he's been thinking about fatherhood.

"I am the least introspective person typically, but the course of writing [my book] actually for three years has made me think about things in a totally different way," he said.

After the host asked about thing he learned from writing the book, Andy said, "I think it's opening myself up to love and a relationship and maybe a kid, I think I'm closer to that spot than I ever was."

Cohen doesn't feel that he needs a partner to raise a child, either.

"I feel like I can just do it," he said.

For the record, the Bravo host is currently in a relationship.

The book, though, wasn't just about his personal life. He also dished and told some not so flattering stories about several Hollywood stars, and he "named names." In one story, he said he recalled seeing Taylor Swift at the annual Met Gala. At the time, Taylor looking for a place to watch Lady Gaga's performance and there was space next to Katy Perry.

Taylor wasn't having it and let Andy know this quickly, also telling him to not mention that moment on his show, "Watch What Happens Live."

"She didn't threaten me about putting it in my book, so here we are," Cohen he wrote.

Andy is well aware that a few of the items he wrote weren't flattering to some celebrities.

"I feel like I wanna be transparent and people expect this to be real and it is," he unapologetically told the "Today" host.