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Anna Faris will not be allowed to adopt a dog from a North Hollywood animal shelter after her Chihuahua was found homeless and malnourished.

The actress also owes the Kinder4Rescue shelter $5,000 for breaking a signed adoption agreement, according to a new report by TMZ.

The website claims that four years ago Anna signed a contract when she adopted the dog named Pete, agreeing to pay the four-figure fine if she ever gave the pooch to a new owner. The shelter said it came up with the system so it could keep track of where every animal ends up.

TMZ says that Pete was given to a Los Angeles-area vet after he was found wandering the streets and uncommonly thin. He was wearing a microchip. When the vet ran the chip, Anna's name came up, as did the Kinder4Rescue shelter.

Anna was promptly put on the do-not-adopt list after her name turned up, but there are ways she can get off of that. She can also get out of the fine, the shelter says, but she has to prove that she's been actively looking for Pete.

The celebrity website that Anna and her husband Chris Pratt are aware that Pete has been found and are making arrangements to bring him home to them. However, making things a bit murky, the shelter says it's already found a home for Pete, although it isn't known the home is meant to be temporary or permanent.

Anna and Chris are known to be animals lovers. In 2011, the couple gave up their cat for adoption because they wanted to start a family. Chris said some members of the public didn't take too kindly to this notion and even sent him death threats.