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Take care of your pets, boys and girls!

Anna Faris had to shell out a pretty big pay day recently in the wake of a scandal involving her family's Chihuahua. Per TMZ, the actress recently had to shell out $5,000 to a Los Angeles area animal rescue organization for neglecting to inform them that she gave away her chihuahua, who was later found starving on the street.

The saga started back when Anna and her husband Chris Pratt rescued a Chihuahua named Pete 4 years ago. The couple adopted Pete from the North Hollywood, Calif. rescue group Kinder4Rescue, an organization that helps homeless dogs in Los Angeles. Upon adopting the pup Anna signed an adoption agreement, which included a stipulation saying a fine would be paid if she ever gave the dog to another owner.

In November the owner of Kinder4Rescue Laurel Kinder told TMZ that her organization had been notified that month when an emaciated dog was found on the street with a microchip identifying him as Pete. He was severely malnourished and it was unclear how long he had been roaming the streets without food or shelter.

Laurel told the outlet that she had attempted to contact Anna after Pete had been found, but that the actress had not been returning the organization's calls.

TMZ's sources close to the famous couple stated that Anna and Chris were just out of town at the time, and claimed that the couple had arranged for Pete to be in a "nice family home." Whether that was a permanent or temporary rehoming was unclear.

If Anna rehomed Pete without informing Kinder4Rescue, she would be violating the adoption contract she signed. The actress would then be contractually obligated to pay the fine, unless it could be shown that it was only a temporary rehoming that caused Pete to go missing, and that she had since been actively looking for her lost pup.

On Dec. 17 TMZ reported that Anna paid the $5,000 penalty this month. Kinder4Rescue have also put the actress on their do-no-adopt-list.

The poor pup in question is still looking for a new home through the rescue organization.