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The flame could be burning again between Serena Williams and Common.

The duo was spotted spending time together at a small private event in Compton, Calif., last week and many have wondered if the one-time couple has reconciled.

Serena and the rapper split in 2010 after dating off and on for three years.

TMZ said Serena and Common were in a back room chatting before she spoke to the audience at the grand opening of the Yetunde Price Resource Center. However, they were careful not to get pictures taken together.

After the event was over, the two left in separate cars.

The celebrity website said Serena and Common are just friends, but a witness at the event seemed to contradict that, saying they seemed "more than buddies."

In February 2015, Common appeared on "The Meredith Vieira Show" where he talked about getting dumped by Serena.

"It was kinda eventually a mutual thing, but she initiated it. It's OK though! We've got a great understanding, and I care about her as a person," he said. "Most of the women that I've dealt with, I care about, so we can keep that friendship... You still have that respect and have love for them and still want to see them do well."

In the same interview, Common said that the timing of the romance may not have been right.

"I do recognize that if we were both at different points at that time then the relationship would have been different," he said, "but I let the past be the past, grow from the past and stay in the present."

In 2015, the tennis icon briefly dated rapper Drake and Common was asked by a camera crew about the short-lived romance.

"Serena is a friend of mine, as long as she's happy I'm good," he told TMZ. 'You know, that's my friend. We dated, but that was done a long time ago now we just friends. She's doing super good on the tennis, she's incredible. Long as she's happy, I'm good."