You'll never look tired again thanks to Bella Hadid!

The 19-year-old supermodel is used to feeling jet lag after walking international runways, and so she's sharing what she does to hide those under-eye bags and make her face look so flawless.

"I look really tired because I've been traveling for two months straight," she said in a video on Aug. 22. "But it's OK, 'cause you know why? Foundation and concealer."

It certainly helps that Bella is the Dior brand ambassador so she uses the line's makeup products including the concealer under her eyes to get rid of the bags, and while she's at it, she puts some on her nose and her chin.

"Just like, wing it," she advises. "Put it everywhere. Imperfections are still beautiful."

It's not just concealer that's her trick though. She also used a bronze contour stick on her cheekbones and below her chin "for a little definition."

And her eyebrows aren't really that full. She uses a pencil to fill them in and uses highlighter underneath, and then she adds gold eyeshadow on her eyelids.

The look seems simple enough to achieve, but there are numerous products involved. Even before she puts on the mascara, she uses lash primer first.

Before she finally is ready to go, she puts on her pink lip gloss and ties her hair into a bun for that effortless look.

While she shared her makeup routine, Bella is not afraid to show off a makeup-free selfie.

freckles out to play

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A year ago, she seemed even more down-to-earth when she explained that she doesn't wear a lot of makeup to the

When the site asked her how she keeps her skin looking so perfect, she said, "I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup so I think that really helps. On shoots they pack so much makeup on your face so when it's over, I just take it all off, it doesn't even matter where I'm going," she continued. "Plus, I always wash my face before bed. I heard that Kim Kardashian doesn't wash her face sometimes and she has the most perfect, glowing skin in the morning with all her makeup on and I'm like, 'you're an alien!' If I leave my makeup on, I know that something bad is going to happen."

Better take Bella's tips!