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"Mob Wives" star Big Ang remembered the moment vividly when doctors told her she had Stage 4 lung and brain cancer. She felt as if she had gone deaf.

"I was like, I couldn't hear, what they were saying. I couldn't even understand," she told Dr. Oz on Jan. 29, in what would be her last interview. "I'm like, 'I can't hear. I just can't even hear this.'"

On Feb. 18, Big Ang passed away after her brave battle with cancer. She was 55.

In her final interview, which aired Feb. 16, an emotional Big Ang said she leaned on her family for support though her diagnosis, having admitted she was "hysterical" when she first got the news.

"I stay positive. I try to stay positive. I look at my kids and my grandchildren and I know how much they need me," she said. "My kids, my daughter lives with me with her kids and her husband so I'm very close to my grandchildren. My son's kids always sleep over."

In the interview, the reality star implied that cigarettes eventually killed her. After getting her diagnosis, she tossed two packs of smokes in the garbage and quit smoking right then and there, but she knew it was too late.

Big Ang said her mentality was fragile during the battle, often swinging from depressed to resilient.

When Dr. Oz told her she was a "strong woman," she replied, "No, I don't know, sometimes I feel… I'm going to be fine, then sometimes I just don't think I am."

Her battle was largely done on her own, without the help of her estranged husband, Neil Murphy.

"You know what I felt he never stepped up to the plate, so I was done with it. I feel now it's too late, 'bye I rather be by myself,'" she said. "I been taking care of everything since I been married to him. I don't need it. So, I rather be alone. And I've, that's what I did."

People magazine said Neil was by her side as she took her final breath.

"I will always love you forever please watch over the grandkids I know you will," he tweeted shortly after her death, posting a picture of the two of them together.