Who'd have thought 24 years after Sir Mix a Lot dropped "Baby Got Back," his hit the glories of women with well-endowed rear ends, the song would be back in the news, courting controversy?

Not Blake Lively, apparently.

The actress, who's currently expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, quoted the song in an Instagram pic from the Cannes Film Festival that showed front and back views of the Atelier Versace gown that hugged her curves on the red carpet.

L.A. face with an Oakland booty

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The quote she used in the caption, "L.A. face with an Oakland booty," was widely perceived to be culturally insensitive. Oakland has long been associated with black culture, thanks to the sizable and historically thriving African-American community there. And for many, the fact that a white Hollywood star applied that line to herself denigrated the reference.

Or, as a critic at Jezebel put it, "In the end, it touts a diametrical opposition: that Los Angeles can be equated to elegance and/or beauty (read: whiteness), and that Oakland is its foil (read: blackness)."

Blake doesn't see it that way, though. And it seems Sir Mix a Lot doesn't, either.

The 28-year-old "Shallows" star stopped by the radio show "Sway in the Morning" on June 21, where Sway asked her about the post. "It's something I was proud of. I never meant to offend anyone," she said, according to Us Weekly.

"I was celebrating my body … It's nice to have a nice curve and not look like you're starving to death."

Speaking to the Daily News in May, Sir Mix a Lot explained why he found nothing inappropriate about Blake's use of the lyric. "I don't think she'd wear that dress if she thought that booty is horrible — and to me, it ain't horrible. I don't get it at all. She's saying she's proud of her butt. I'm glad she embraced the look, because that's what I wanted [with the song]," he said.

"All I would say to the critics is let's better understand the context of what she said. If [what she's] saying is, 'I have this butt that Mix-A-Lot was talking about in 'Baby Got Back,' that's a good thing. She's saying, 'I've embraced this ideal of beautiful.' However, if what she's saying is, 'I cannot believe I got this fat, this is horrible,' then I agree with the critics."

Blake invoked the rapper's Daily News interview during her "Sway in the Morning" appearance.

"But Sir Mix-A-Lot, he actually said a very nice thing, he was very defensive and kind," she said. "Because it's just about celebrating women's bodies, and that's what I was doing."