@britneyspears / Instagram 1 / 9
@britneyspears / Instagram 1 / 9

The beauty and the bathing suit! Britney Spears isn't shy about showing off her body on Instagram these days and she took to the social media platform on May 3 to rave about her latest swimsuit obsession.

In the post, she said she bought three new swimsuits, but she couldn't help but pose with her favorite purchase, a lime green one-piece.

"Bought three new swimsuits today," she captioned her side-by-side shots. "This one is my favorite!"

Her favorite was a skimpy bright green, very low cut number that really displayed her toned legs. It also showed off her slim figure, as the swimsuit was held together by strings on the sides.

Britney is barefoot in the shots, giving off the feeling that she was about to relax by the pool.

Perhaps her selfies are a slap in the face to those who have accused her of stretching the truth about her body. In March, Britney was caught up in a Photoshop controversy after fans claimed an image she had posted appeared to have been heavily retouched.

In the photo, Britney is lying by a pool. But social media users were quick to point out that the pool edge seemed to be missing, hinting that perhaps the singer's waist had been Photoshopped to look slimmer.

In an apparent response a few days later, Britney shared a selfie taken in a mirror, while wearing tiny shorts and a crop top.

"Good afternoon," she simply captioned the photograph.

She then later posed in a bikini in Hawaii for a few candid shots, none of which looks retouched at all.

The new stunning swimsuit shots come as court documents are being released telling the tale of a not-so-pretty time in the pop star's life, more specifically 2007 and 2008.

Over the last week, court documents are surfacing due to a lawsuit brought against her from her self-proclaimed former manager Sam Lufti. Sam is suing her for various things.

In late April, her team filed documents in an attempt to keep him out of the room during a deposition, although that proved to be unsuccessful.

In those documents, judges for the California Court of Appeals state she struggled with substance abuse to the point that she slept in a parking lot on the day her sons were taken away from her in 2007.

"She spent a night in a parking lot, then called Sam and told him he was one of the few people she trusted," the documents state, according to Metro. "That night, he moved into her home. With the exception of a brief period in December 2007, Sam lived in Britney's home until February 1, 2008."