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Charlie Sheen's ex, Brooke Mueller, was stopped by police in Utah and taken to a hospital, apparently for a psychiatric evaluation.

The news came amid reports that she had a breakdown, perhaps while under the influence, and struck her twin boys Bob and Max in the early morning hours of the day on Nov. 16.

According to TMZ, a woman claiming to be Brooke's mom called the Utah Highway Patrol to help find Brooke to "determine if she was mentally unstable."

Charlie's ex was spotted on Interstate 15 near Nephi, Utah, a small town 83 miles south of Salt Lake City. After troopers stopped her, they found Brooke, the twins and a nanny in the car.

"The troopers took Brooke to a hospital and the kids were taken away and will be released to an undisclosed family member," TMZ said.

Earlier in the day Brooke and her sons were reported missing after she wandered into a Salt Lake City bar barefoot on Tuesday night "looking disheveled" with her two kids in tow. Once there, she asked someone if she could have a cigarette and got into a fight with her nanny.

Cops were called, but Brooke left before they arrived.

After several hours of desperate searching, cops spoke to Brooke by phone and closed the case after discussing her whereabouts. After that, though, TMZ spoke to several people who claimed they saw Brooke around 6 a.m. with her kids in the street.

One of the witnesses told the site that he and a couple friends were driving past a car wash in the early morning hours when they saw a woman "swinging wildly at her kids." They pulled over to confront her, only to have her begin yelling, not immediately realizing who Brooke was.

Bob and Max were in pajamas with no shoes, and one of the children begged, "Don't call the cops, they are going to take my mommy away!," the witness said.

Brooke then walked to an adjacent run-down hotel behind the car wash and went inside momentarily before a black Escalade arrived to take Brooke, the boys and another woman to getaway from the area.

The men reported the incident to police and added that she appeared to be under the influence.

A source told People magazine the boys are fine and with their nanny.

"Brooke went off of her medications," the source says. "She is being treated for the issue now."