Have mercy!

Candace Cameron Bure raised eyebrows -- and temperatures! -- when she admitted during a March 2016 interview with InTouch that she and her husband of nearly two decades, former hockey player Valerie Bure, have "lots of sex."

Fans of the former child star may have cringed over her candid revelation, but there was one person who especially wished she'd had a pair of earmuffs during the TMI moment: Candace's 17-year-old daughter, YouTube personality Natasha Bure.

"That subject grosses her out -- rightfully so," the stunning mother of three told Wonderwall.com on April 26.

"No child should have to hear that," she added while laughing. (Check out highlights from our interview with the "Fuller House" star in the video below!)

In spite of her daughter's discomfort, Candace isn't backing down from her over-share -- though she does admit the revelation slipped out "at the end of a very long day."

("I was so giddy and it was like my 20th interview and I was just saying whatever," she told us.)

In fact, the 40-year-old actress thinks her kids' awareness of her active sex life with their father is "a good thing."

"My kids know that their mom and dad love one another," she says.

Lou Rocco / ABC / Getty Images North America

Aside from the topic of her parents getting it on, there's not much that seems to embarrass Candace's mini me, says the proud mom, who often pops up on her daughter's YouTube channel.

"She thinks I'm funny, and she loves when we play around together," says the blond beauty. "She's a hoot. We have a great relationship."

"Of course there are days where she doesn't like me cause I have to be the mom and say that two-letter word 'no' that nobody likes to hear," she adds. "But for the most part, we have so much fun together."

As for Candace's tendency to crash her daughter's YouTube videos: "She actually loves when I jump into her videos," says the hot mama. "I give her a few more extra likes or followers."

We'll see what Natasha has to say about that!

The 17-year-old California girl, the oldest of Candace and Val's three children, is an aspiring singer who vlogs about style and beauty.

Check out her impressive pipes in the video below.