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Read all about it! Long before his admission this week that he is HIV positive, Charlie Sheen's life has been one heck of a roller coaster. Now, he's going to tell his story the way he wants it told.

Multiple outlets are reporting that in the wake of his shocking HIV reveal, the former "Two and a Half Men" star is planning to write a memoir about his life.

Us Weekly says that Charlie's manager has been "buried in offers" from publishers asking for the Ma-Sheen's story.

Charlie's life has been tabloid fodder for decades, considering his famous family and all his ill-fated relationships with everyone from A-list actresses to porn stars. Of course, his personal life again made front page headlines in 2011 (around the time he found out he was HIV positive) when he was dismissed from "Two and a Half Men" after insulting the executive producer. He then had a bit of public meltdown where he did media interviews and spoke of "winning" and "tigers blood." In many ways, it added to the Charlie Sheen lore.

His wild life, though, finally caught up with him.

"I'm here to admit that I am HIV-positive," he told Matt Lauer on Nov. 17, adding that he has paid millions of dollars to silence people over the years who have known about his HIV status.

"I have to put a stop to this barrage of attacks of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me that are threatening the health of so many others," he said.

Asked if he was going to continue paying hush money to people for the silence, he replied, "Not after today I'm not I release myself from this prison today."

A barrage of lawsuits is expected to follow in the wake of his HIV reveal.