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Charlie Sheen's ex-wife and their 7-year-old twins are no longer considered "missing" after police in Salt Lake City, Utah, spoke to the Brooke Mueller.

The story is bizarre, to say the least.

According to TMZ, Brooke wandered into a Salt Lake bar barefoot on Tuesday night "looking disheveled" and her two kids, Bob and Max, were in tow. Once there, she asked someone if she could have a cigarette.

Somewhere along the way, she got into an argument with her nanny, who was also there. A bar patron or employee called the local police because of the fight and the fact that she had two young children in the bar.

"Brooke told someone in the bar she was [Charlie's] ex and even gave them his phone number -- because we're told cops placed a call to Charlie to tell him about the situation," TMZ said.

The website said that Brooke left as police arrived but began popping up at local hotels in search of a room.

"I'm just trying to get my kids home safe," Charlie told TMZ as their whereabouts were unknown. "I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event."

After several hours of desperate searching, cops spoke to Brooke by phone, and no longer think the children are in danger. Whether they were in danger as all this unfolded is unknown. On Wednesday, TMZ quoted several witnesses who saw Brooke around 6 a.m. with her kids in the street.

One of the witnesses told the site he and a couple friends were driving past a car wash in the early morning hours when they saw a woman "swinging wildly at her kids." They pulled over to confront her, only to have her begin yelling, not immediately realizing who Brooke was.

Bob and Max were in pajamas with no shoes, and one of the children begged, "Don't call the cops, they are going to take my mommy away!," the witness said.

Brooke then walked to an adjacent run-down hotel behind the car wash and went inside momentarily before a black Escalade arrived to take Brooke, the boys and another woman to getaway from the area.

The men reported the incident to police and added that she appeared to be under the influence.

Brooke recently moved to Utah for rehab and continued to live there for outpatient. Last month, she was seen buying furniture at Mountain Timber Furnishings in Park City.

Just a few hours before Brooke's bizarre bar incident, it was reported that she is dating skin-care guru Peter Thomas Roth.

The New York Post said the two began dating in the summer.

"Brooke's mother and stepfather introduced them in June. He was in LA and they brought Brooke to dinner," a source close to Peter told the paper's Page Six gossip section. "He enjoys her company and has even visited her in Salt Lake City, where she lives. They are officially dating."

The source said Peter is a good influence on Brooke, adding that they've been to several public events together.