A drive to the Super Bowl has never looked so fun!

For his latest "Carpool Karaoke" segment, James Corden found one of Super Bowl 50's half-time performers, Chris Martin hitchhiking so he gives him a lift, and it's one incredible ride.

Not only does Chris make impressions of Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen, but he and James jam out to the Coldplay frontman's classics including "Yellow" and "Viva La Vida."

The "Late Late Show" host also breaks out his best Beyoncé for the new Bey-Coldplay collaboration "Hymn for the Weekend."

But Chris knows he's no Beyoncé.

In fact, he brings up that he doesn't have that one name recognition, because if you say the word "cold," it doesn't have the same effect.

"No one's thinking Coldplay yet," Chris tells James.

James makes the point that it's associated with temperature and mild sickness. "We gotta try harder," Chris says, and James just laughs.

But the ride wasn't all laughter.

At one point, Chris busts out his keyboard and sings David Bowie's "Heroes" with James, and it was a sweet moment in his memory.

The two also bond over lemonade as they stop by a stand on their way, but the sugar catches up to Chris, who even fasts once a week and only drinks water as part of his diet.

"I want to punch an elephant!" Chris screams after he gets the sugar-rush.

And after the long ride (the video is over 15 minutes!), they need to take a break. So they lay in the same bed and snuggle together in a motel before their car gets stolen and they need to bike all the way to the big game.

Talk about a memorable journey! Chris is playing at Super Bowl 50 with Beyoncé.

In Coldplay's newest video, "Hymn For The Weekend," she is prominently featured and is dressed in traditional Bollywood-style. Based on their video together, the expectations are high for Feb. 7.

Bruno Mars will also join the halftime performance, and just as James brought up to Chris in his car, it's going to be hard to top his previous performance in 2014!