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For Chrissy Metz, "This Is Us" couldn't have come at a better time for her, especially financially.

The actress reveled that she had less than a dollar in her bank account before she got the nod for the breakout show.

"I am so grateful that I had such an amazing support system, but when I booked 'This Is Us,' I had 81 cents in my bank account," she told Glamour magazine. "I could cry right now just thinking about it."

While in dire straits, she stayed hungry - both literally and figuratively.

"I kept auditioning, with no savings and no money, credit card debt gaining interest," she said. "I went on unemployment. I bought ramen noodles at dollar stores. I never had to — God forbid — live on the streets; I moved in with a roommate who told me, 'Stay with me until you can afford rent. Don't give up.'"

It's all paid off for the 36-year-old star. Not only did she recently walk a red carpet with her boyfriend, she's now much more financially secure. And yes, she still lives with her roommate, despite her success.

"I pay my proper share of the rent now," she said. "Meeting my car payment on time? That's new. I paid my friends and my stepdad back. And three months ago, I finally paid my credit cards off!"

Recently she got a taste of living the good life, but she's been somewhat mentally tormented by it.

"I just got my first pair of Alexander McQueen shoes," she said. "I'm so convinced I shouldn't have bought them, I still haven't busted them out of the box."