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Nicky Nelson / WENN 1 / 7

"Arrow" star Colton Hayes came clean about his mental health issues this month in a self-penned article for Paper magazine that touches on his darker moments.

He also said it gets better.

The actor, who made headlines last year amid speculation about his sexuality, posted the story to Instagram on on Monday, Dec. 18, saying it was his "truth."

The article is titled: Colton Haynes On the Importance Of Seeking Help.

In the story the actor opens up with a section dated November 2014, where he speaks of taking substances that changed his sleeping.

"Something's been off recently. I honestly wake up after five hours of sleep wide-awake," he wrote. "It's probably from the bottle of wine I drank before I finally fell asleep/passed out or the amount of pills I'd had."

He addressed how he was changing physically, saying he was experiencing numbness and lack of circulation in his hands and feet because of the stimulants.

"I'm a vampire. A shell. Wishing I was the old Colton," he wrote, adding that he was "so closed off to the world that I can't even get up enough courage to go in public."

He continued, "There are so many things I want to do in this life but I don't know how to start. I don't know who I am anymore."

He has touched on his struggles before in the press, but never in such depth.

In a separate section, though, the "Teen Wolf" star spoke about how things have changed for the better in two years.

"I'm finally in a position where I can say I'm the happiest I've ever been," Colton said. "I've accomplished so much with so little and my smile is finally not forced. I'm taken control of my own life for the first time and won't let anyone silence me or my passions ever again. I'm finally free."

He finished his one-page article by telling people to not be afraid to seek help if they need it.

"There are so many amazing people out there who can help with anxiety and other mental health issues," he said. "Please don't be afraid and know that it gets better."