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Getty Images North America

Since giving birth to baby girl Charlie Mae Annable in September, actress Odette Annable has her hubby, Dave Annable, enraptured.

"There's really nothing more attractive than seeing your wife all of a sudden become a mother and doing such a wonderful job," Dave told at the NBC Universal TCA press tour on Jan. 13, 2016.

"It's this love that you can't explain," added Dave after calling his wife "amazing."

Both mom and baby are healthy, said Dave, who says his biggest priority right now is keeping them all healthy. "You've heard that in your life and you've said it, but really when you have it, all you're caring about is her health -- both of their healths and they're doing great. Team Annable is pretty happy right now."

How is he adjusting to fatherhood? "It's amazing," Dave dished. "It's sort of every cliche -- It's so hard, but at the same time it's so rewarding and it makes you grow and it makes you look at yourself in the mirror and really enjoy every second that you have with her. I'm having a blast. I know that's so boring, but it's the f------ best!"

There's no slowing down for the happy bunch, as the "Red Band Society" star says his wife, who has appeared on TV shows like "The Grinder" and "The Astronaut Wives Club," is ready to get back on a set. "Pilot season is coming up and we're excited to hopefully keep some food on that kid's plate for awhile," he said.