That moment when you realize the sweet dad with two even sweeter looking kids is really your favorite teen heartthrob from Disney Channel Original Movies ... It just happened.

Erik von Detten, the same cutie who you may remember from movies like "Brink!" in 1998, made a rare appearance on the red carpet on Thursday night, June 23, 2016, for the premiere of "Adventures in Babysitting." He isn't in the movie, but came out for the celebration of it being the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie.

He spent the late '90s and early 2000s making a slew of kid and teen friendly movies: "Escape to Witch Mountain" in 1995, "Leave it to Beaver" in 1997, "The Princess Diaries" with Anne Hathaway in 2001, and "National Lampoon's Barely Legal" in 2003.

The San Diego, California native also did ABC TV shows like "Odd Man Out" in 1995, and "Complete Savages" in 2004.

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But, a lot has changed since his days stealing girls hearts with those baby blue eyes. The now 33-year-old is a doting daddy!

He showed up to the Los Angeles event with his two blondie children, a son and a younger daughter. Though we're unclear about their names or his marital status.

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Around a decade has passed, but he looks pretty darn good for himself, don't you agree?

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Erik hasn't done so much on the acting front as of late, except voice Sid Phillips' in the 2010 flick "Toy Story 3," just like he had done for the original "Toy Story" in 1995.

His kiddos probably love hearing their dad on the big screen!