Mess with one Bey, get the whole Beyhive! Farrah Abraham has been swarmed by many of Beyonce's fans after she all but picked a fight with Blue Ivy Carter.

Bad, bad decision, Farrah.

The "Teem Mom OG" star didn't exactly say anything negative directly about Jay Z and Beyonce's daughter, but she hinted that her daughter Sophia would have stolen the spotlight from the tyke.

Farrah posted an Instagram photo of Beyonce and Blue on the MTV VMA red carpet on Sunday, writing, "I wish Sophia was there she would blow 'blue' away." She then added that her daughter "runs a Show," perhaps a play off of Jay's song "Run This Town."

Obviously Farrah was sad that Blue was invited, but her daughter wasn't (need we remind her that this was Beyonce's child... Beyonce!)

Farrah's post has got the Beyhive buzzing and it has swarmed her social media with bee emojis and mean messages since then.

"You truly disgust me. Little Blue was minding her business, killing the carpet and you had to somehow make it about you and your daughter?," one person wrote, later characterizing Farrah in more graphic terms. Another said, "You are such a joke, truly."

Farrah quickly took down her post as the stinging continued and replaced it with collage of photos from the VMAs that included images of her, naturally, and Blue.

Love them all ❤️👏🏼🎉🌶🤑

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"Love them all ❤️👏🎉," she said.

She also posted a video of Beyonce from that night, captioning it, "Mom power #Bea #Beyoncé I'm proud of you."

Mom power #Bea #Beyoncé I'm proud of you

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Team Beyonce wasn't about to let her off the hook that easily and continued taking shots at her.

"I believe there is some confusion here," Farrah told Radar Online after being contacted about the fiasco. "I loved them on the carpet and I would have loved if MTV would have let me bring Sophia since she's a star on the network. No hate here just voicing what a great thing it would be."

Bizarrely, Farrah wasn't totally backing down and on Aug. 29, the day after the VMAs, Farrah shared a link on her Facebook page that shows unflattering pictures of Beyonce.

"Even Queen B has her bad days...," Farrah wrote, a message that certainly won't sit well with the Beyhive. On Aug. 31, she continued her ill-advised passive-aggressive crusade against Bey by posting a link implying that Bey got Taylor Swift banned from the the MTV awards show.