There's a new fitness guru in town... and you've probably already seen her hashtags.

Kayla Itsines has quickly become a workout sensation, launching her very own Sweat With Kayla app, and helping her legions of fans gets bikini body ready with her Bikini Body Guide (often referred to on social media as #bbg).

The 12 week workout plan serves up plenty of cardio and circuit workouts, divided into weeks that are designed to do at home with limited equipment. Though it's strenuous, the proof is in the Instagram before and after photos.

Devotees of Kayla's training, often denoted by using the tag #kaylasarmy, are featured on Kayla's own Instagram feed. The trainer frequently posts photos of her fans showing off their impressive results for her 5 million followers to see.

@9on9off uses my #sweatwithkayla #bbg program !! 😍☺️ Check it out at

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Hashtags like #deathbykayla and #thekaylamovement garner intrigue into exactly what this #bbg thing is all about. The workout plan is a social media sensation, and it's hard not to want to investigate when you see results like these.

But besides checking out other people's #bbg progress, Kayla's Instagram is also a great place to find daily motivation, check out Kayla herself doing a workout, and grab healthy eating tips.

Though you have to pay $48 to gain access to her 12 week Bikini Body Guide challenge, Kayla occasionally offers glimpses into her workout regimen on Instagram. Like this one, where she shows off what a typical circuit training set looks like.

The trainer utilizes minimal equipment, and in her Instagram post notes that the details behind all of the moves are available in her app.

Pull ups this morning (left Dubai and now back in Adelaide - quickest trip ever!!) 💪😘

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But being a fitness trainer, Kayla also hits up the gym pretty frequently. While her Bikini Body Guide allows you to do the work from home, the fit Australian opts to frequent a gym every now and then. There are plenty of videos of Kayla working on gym equipment, doing impressive moves like these pull-ups above.

Kayla's Instagram also shows that she still utilizes equipment like the lat machine. But the majority of her fitness work can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Though these workouts may seem intense, and Kayla's abs might be intimidating, the social media star also makes sure that we know she's not perfect. Take this funny jump rope outtake below for instance, where even the fitness guru herself has a little trouble skipping rope.

For those of us not yet willing to make the 12 week commitment, sometimes Kayla dishes out workout tips for free! She shared this ab workout on Instagram in April 2016.

💥Girls! I have some HUGE NEWS + a free AB workout you can try today at home below!💥 ✅So first, the Apple iOS 'Sweat with Kayla' app has had a HUGE UPDATE and is now available! The way you do workouts and create progress photos has changed and much, much more! .... 😮😍annnnnd Android girls can now visit their App Store for PRE-REGISTRATION to the App!! 😍💪💥✅☺️ To find the APP just search SWEAT WITH KAYLA 💜 And here's the workout!!! Circuit One (repeat for 7 minutes straight) 20 X (10 per side) Commandos 40 X (20 per side)Mountain climbers 15 X Bent leg jackknife 15 X Straight leg jackknife Circuit Two (repeat for 7 minutes straight) 20 X (10 per side)Sit ups with a twist 30 X (15 per side) Single leg ab bikes 15 X Toe taps 15 X Raised leg crunches

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This was all enough to make us hit that follow button. Kayla's definitely the real deal. Next up, thinking about getting off the couch.