Jim Smeal / BEI / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA
Jim Smeal / BEI / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA

Former "Survivor" star Michael Skupin was convicted on Nov. 18 for possession of child pornography.

The "Survivor" alum was convicted by a jury near Detroit, Michigan on four of six total counts of child porn possession following a one-day trial. The father of seven children now faces up to four years in prison for the offenses.

The child pornography was found on the former reality star's laptop while they investigated the possibility of another crime he committed -- an alleged Ponzi scheme. Local news uncovered that Michael was orchestrating a gifting scheme, called "Pay It Forward," in which Michael had a hand, after a victim came forward and alleged that her investments simply cycled through other investors, until she ended up being paid by new investors. Once one victim spoke out, others surfaced and authorities began their investigation of Michael.

As Michael's computer was investigated regarding the financial fraud, an even more egregious offense was uncovered. There were six thumbnail images of child pornography in his possession.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a statement after the charges were brought, stating, "Not only did this man rob people of their hard earned savings with his financial scams but he victimized innocent children every time he looked at a piece of child pornography. This man seems to have no concept or caring for right and wrong and will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law for these horrific crimes."

Michael, who appeared on "Survivor" twice, was arrested in February. He previously competed on "Survivor: The Australian Outback" and "Survivor: Philippines."

The 54-year-old pleaded not guilty to 11 charges of child pornography and racketeering resulting from the Ponzi scheme, and is due in court to face the financial charges next week.

For his part, Michael gave People magazine a statement before his trial, asserting his innocence. He claimed that many people had access to his computer, that the child pornography photos in question were not date stamped and couldn't be attributed to him, and that his investments were not a Ponzi scheme.

Michael's sentencing in the child porn charges will occur on Dec. 27.