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Brian To / WENN 1 / 6

He talks to angels. In 1988, Gary Busey got into a scary motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his life.

Actually, it did cost him his life, he says, claiming that he's been to heaven before and has actually spoken with angels.

"I died after brain surgery and went to the other side," he told FOX411. "It's beautiful over there, and I was surrounded by angels which are big balls of light — amber, magenta, gold light — and three lights came up to me. It was this long and this wide; that's your soul."

One of the angels, or lights, actually spoke to him "in an androgynous voice," he says.

The angel told him "the responsibility I had for mankind."

That heavenly meeting had a profound impact on him.

"We're here to do one thing and that's to find the truth of ourselves, become our own best friend, and it's just lovely," he said. "I've been around the sun 72 times so I've had some experience in learning how to do that."

In the same interview, the actor also briefly spoke about his "personal" relationship with President-elect Donald Trump. The two worked together on "Celebrity Apprentice."

"He's doing it great. I'm not a political guy. I don't talk about politics. I just think the way life treats itself and rolls in a beautiful circle, that's what you look for … and it's as easy as that.," he said.

Gary isn't blind to the fact that while many people are excited about the Trump presidency, others are nervous.

"That has nothing to do with Donald; that has to do with them," he said. "What they fear, they fear themselves and are going to project it onto others. And the word fear — F.E.A.R — that stands for false evidence appearing real. So nothing's fearful except those who create it to be afraid of."