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George Kennedy has died.

The actor died at the age of 91 on Feb. 28 in his Boise, Idaho home, according to his grandson, Cory Schenkel.

Cory told TMZ the news and said that his grandfather has been in failing health since his wife Joan died over a year ago. George had been placed in hospice care.

In 1968, George won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Dragline in "Cool Hand Luke." He also starred in all three of the "Naked Gun" movies as Ed Hocken, in four of the "Airport" movies, "Earthquake" and many more films.

He also starred on TV as a homicide detective turned priest in NBC's "Sarge," as L.A. beat cop Bumper Morgan on CBS' "The Blue Knight," and Carter McKay on the CBS primetime soap "Dallas."

More recently, he appeared on the soap "The Young and The Restless" and in the films, "Another Happy Day" in 2011 and "The Gambler" in 2014 with Mark Wahlberg.

George was not always an actor though. He gave up show business during World War II and served in the United States Army for 16 years. He was also involved in the opening of the first Army Information Office, which provided technical assistance to films and TV shows.

He also has three books out. In 1983, he wrote the murder mystery "Murder On Location," and a year later, he came out with his second novel, "Murder on High." set on a film shoot. In 2011, he wrote his autobiography, Trust Me.

In 2011, George did an interview with "Smashing Interviews Magazine" and spoke about what acting meant to him as a lonely boy.

"Acting is beautiful. If I'm prejudiced toward doing it, it is because of the joy that I derive from it. Add that to the fact that I didn't have any other choices," he said. "I either talked to myself, or I didn't talk to anybody. There was nobody there. Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and all the great actors took pride and comfort in acting. Did I like what I did? Oh my God, yes!"