Beyonce is inspiring pregnant mothers everywhere.

After announcing that she's expecting twins on Feb. 1, Twitter and Instagram were viral with memes and spoofs but there was one that really made us "LOL."

"Grey's Anatomy" star Camilla Luddington is also pregnant, and so her co-star Ellen Pompeo pretended to direct her to make a Beyonce-like maternity photo.

Here's the actual Beyonce photo to compare.

And now here's the parody, which was directed by their "Grey's Anatomy" co-star and director Debbie Allen.

RG. When @ellenpompeo goes rogue directing... 😬😖😬😖

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"This is amazing," Ellen says to Camilla, who has a similar flower display behind her. Just like the real announcement, Camilla is also wearing a maroon bra with blue underwear.

And then Ellen proves that she's a true Bey fan.

"You are pregnant at the same time as Beyonce," she says excitedly. "When is that ever going to happen again, Camilla?"

"I just feel a little bit weird. Don't you think you're taking this directing thing too far?" Camilla asks her.

"No, you look amazing. You're glowing," Ellen responds. "Isn't she glowing?"

People around them reply, "Yes!"

Then it's the veil time, and a short black veil is placed on her Camilla's head as she looks completely uncomfortable.

"Amazing!" Ellen says. "Great! I love it."

The next Instagram that Camilla posted was this one with the caption, "Arguing over whether this is really necessary..... @ellenpompeo."

Arguing over whether this is really necessary..... @ellenpompeo

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Ellen could make an argument that this could gain Camilla some Instagram followers. Beyonce's post has reached the most of any Instagram ever, beating out Selena Gomez's record, at nearly 9.7 million likes.