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Halle Berry is moving on with her life.

The 49-year-old actress opened up to Extra about how she's doing after she announced her divorce from Olivier Martinez, her husband of two years, on Oct. 27.

"I'm doing okay, I really am," Halle told the outlet at a charity event benefiting domestic violence prevention and intervention organization Jenesse Center, Inc. on Wednesday. "I keep pushing and I'm really happy to be here because whenever you're going through anything in life, when you step outside yourself and focus on others, that's always the best remedy for any situation that you'd rather not be dealing with."

And she's already making future plans!

In fact, she has her big 50th birthday planned out for next Aug. 14.

"I want it to come and go as fast as it can," Berry joked. "I'm going to take my five best girlfriends to a Caribbean island, we're going to have a cleansing, we're going to jump in the ocean butt naked and have a spiritual moment and bond and connect as women. That's how I'm going to blow it out with my girls, with my best, closest, dearest friends. I love my womanships."