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Rich Fury / Invision/AP 1 / 10

He beat everyone to the punch line!

As Harry Styles celebrated his 22nd birthday on Feb. 1, the pop star took to Twitter to acknowledge the event with a very famous song lyric.

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22," Harry slyly tweeted to his 27.1 million followers, quoting the song "22" by his famous ex, Taylor Swift.

The move certainly raised eyebrows, as the song itself was shrouded in Haylor controversy when the two split. Taylor's music video for "22" infamously came out a month after the couple split in January 2013, debuting that February, and featured a few reported digs at her former flame. The video for the song, which references making fun of exes, included a jab at his famous style of the time, and poked fun at the "Dirty Dancing" lift the couple emulated back when they were dating in December 2012.

Harry and Taylor's short-lived and much speculated-about relationship has continued to make headlines for the last three years, and sparked musical inspiration for the former pair. Taylor's album "1989," released in October 2014, features multiples songs largely considered to be aimed at Harry, and has been nominated for seven Grammys this year.

For his part, Harry also used song lyrics to call out his ex. The former boy band member wrote a song for One Direction called "Perfect" in 2015, which included a line assumed to be about Taylor.

As for the controversial tweet, Taylor has yet to respond to Harry's shoutout or send her ex a birthday greeting. Stay tuned!