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Let's get ready to rumble? Former "Girls Next Door" star Bridget Marquardt said she plans on inviting two sworn enemies to her nuptials.

That's right, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson will be in the same place at the same time. Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, who Holly has also been critical of, will also be invited.

Bridget can only hope that all parities will adhere to the don't-outshine-the-bride-policy.

Kendra and Holly have had bad blood for years, but things have gotten particularly vitriolic since Holly released her book, "Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny" last year. The book paints a very unflattering picture of Hugh and life behind the walls of the famous Playboy Mansion.

On May 12, Kendra when on a Twitter rant in which she blasted Holly in multiple profane, NSFW tweets. She later took them down an apologized. Holly retorted that Kendra needed therapy.

During a May 19 appearance on "Hollywood Today Live," Bridget weighed in on the book beef. "This is what I told Kendra, 'She's writing about her experience, and this is how she's reflecting on it, and she has a right to do that. And you have a right not to agree with her. But lashing out like this and saying such vile things and stuff isn't really the way to handle it either.'"

In speaking to Us Weekly that same day, Bridget (who has remained Switzerland in her friend's feud) was asked if she would have to seat her pals on separate sides of the room at her wedding.

"At this point, yes! Probably!," she laughed.

Bridget, 42, got engaged to her beau of seven years, Nick Carpenter, in late September 2015. He proposed with a diamond-encrusted ring in the shape of a spider.

"Wedding planning is going great. We've been location hunting," she said on Thursday, adding that she hasn't picked a date of venue. "You should see my Pinterest board. I think I have, like, 400 pins on just, like, the wedding folder. Things are going good. It's so much fun to plan. I really enjoyed doing it!"

Hopefully the ceremony will be fun, too… Just keep Kendra and Holly away from each other and don't let Kendra tweet.