It's the end of an era for little Kaitlyn Cardwell.

The preschooler and former star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" -- she's the daughter of titular star Alana Thompson's sister Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell and granddaughter of Mama June -- has just undergone surgery to remove her extra thumb, reports TMZ.

The surgery was a success and little Kaitlyn is healthy and recovering, TMZ reports.

Kaitlyn's extra digit -- she was born with four fingers and two thumbs on her right hand in 2012 -- was a big topic of conversation after her birth, which took place when the family's reality show was still on the air.

"We have embraced [the abnormality]. It makes Kaitlyn more special to us," Mama June said at the time.

In August 2016, Anna revealed that the time had come for her to schedule surgery for her little girl, who turned 4 in July.

She marked Kaitlyn's big birthday with a sweet Instagram post, writing alongside a photo of the smiling tot, "I can't believe this little girl is 4 already where has the time gone she is so smart I swear she is like 21 year old in a 4 year old [body]."

"I know a few people will be mad, but we have made a decision on what to do with Kaitlyn's thumb," Anna wrote on Facebook (via Starcasm).

"We have decided to remove it because of school, and because we don't know what it will do to her when she is older, and because of kids these days -- of how mean they are, and they don't care," she explained.

"Not saying all kids are [bullies] like that but some are."

"I can tell everyone know I am going to be a wreck," she added, "because I know she is going to be scared... I just hope and pray everything will go well and she will be okay."

TMZ reports that Kaitlyn will wear a cast for six months (the site has a photo of the little girl sporting a bright pink cast post-surgery).

Anna and husband Michael -- who is not Kaitlyn's biological father but has raised her since she was small -- welcomed another daughter, Kylee Madison Cardwell, in December 2015.

In an Instagram photo post featuring her two daughters shared not long after the birth, Anna described Kaitlyn as "the best big sister ever."

My 2 baby girls and Kaitlyn is the best big sister ever love my baby's

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Get well soon, Kaitlyn!