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So, maybe they are more than just friends? Blake Shelton headed to Nashville this week for the CMA Awards, where he will perform and probably take home some hardware. There was a familiar face heading to Tennessee with him, Miss Gwen Stefani.

For the past several weeks, rumors have abounded that Blake and Gwen are beginning a romance, as they've been spending an ample amount of time together, even leaving the same Halloween party together.

This dual trip will do nothing to really quell the rumors -- in fact, it's doing the opposite.

"They are hanging out and having fun together," a source tells People magazine.

Gwen and her ex Gavin Rossdale settled their divorce last week after announcing their split in August. Blake and Miranda's divorce was settled in lightning quick speed, as few even saw it coming.

Immediately after their respective splits, media reports linked the two, and it was very convenient, considering they were friends and on NBC's "The Voice" together. Many sources claimed the two were just friends then, but maybe there is something to it now.

In speaking about Blake on Nov. 3, Gwen said to Ryan Seacrest, "[I] think he's hot, don't you?" However, she declined to define their relationship, but added that they "both went through the same thing at the same time."

A separate source told People, "Blake and Gwen are going through similar situations. They have spent time together and have drawn support from each other. They are flirty."

One person who apparently saw the potential Blake-Gwen romance coming: Blake's ex-wife Miranda Lambert.

"She was not surprised to hear of the romance between Blake and Gwen. They were always pretty flirty," a source told E!. "Miranda and Blake were on the rocks on and off and knew that this could always be a possibility."

Although Blake may be moving on pretty quickly, the exes have maintained an amicable split, even speaking to each other on social media. E!'s source insists that Miranda only wants Blake to be happy.

"Blake is just a flirty kind of charmer," the insider shared. "She has nothing against Gwen and thinks she is a very talented artist. Whomever Blake is with she wishes them the best."

Miranda, who has been linked to Sam Hunt, one of country's of-the-moment artists, is certainly moving on in her own way, burying herself in work.

"Miranda is at a point in her life where she is really focusing on herself and her music. This is a new chapter for her to create new relationships and really move on. Miranda has been going through many personal changes over the past few months, but it's all for the better."