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She's got 99 problems but a fit body ain't one!

Jenelle Evans took to Instagram on Nov. 4 to show off her incredible weight loss over the past 11 months. Momma looks good!

In a side by side photo, the "Teen Mom 2" star showed a before and after of herself in a bikini (from what looks like the exact same place,) and results are pretty mind boggling.

"Left Is January 2015, Right November 2015 💪🏼 #fitnesslife," she captioned the photo.

With her body on point, perhaps Jenelle can do the same with her life. The reality star has been arrested at least 13 times for a variety of reasons, the most recent for allegedly assaulting her ex-fiancé's new girlfriend.

Shortly before the assault, she and Nathan Griffith called off their engagement after months of fighting.

"She was assaulted by her boyfriend's ex, who threw a drinking glass at her head, causing injury," the police department said in a statement in August.

In the mugshot, she appeared stone-faced, her glassy eyes staring blankly at the camera. But she knows the drill by now, as mugshots have become second nature to her considering her war chest of arrests.

However, despite the most recent arrest, Jenelle has said she's turned a new leaf now that she's beginning to beat addiction and get sober.

"My life has changed so much since I stopped doing drugs - my whole attitude has changed," the mother of two told People magazine in July. "I'm more active in my children's lives, and I want to be at every milestone and special event they have. Being there for them is more important to me than going partying or doing drugs."

Her children, Jace, 6, and Kaiser, 16 months, are her motivations for staying clean.

"Having Kaiser has kept me so busy and motivated that I don't have time to hang out with the wrong crowd," she said. "I only focus on my sons, school and my future."

The future looks bright (and really good!) if she can keep her nose clean. That, however, is not a given.