As most of the world prepares menus for Sunday's Super Bowl 50 showdown between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, a group of very adorable puppies has already made their prediction.

In his annual tradition, Jimmy Fallon brought in a handful of beyond precious pups to "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to show off who they predict who will become the winner of this year's Super Bowl.

The prediction, which was so adorably unscientific, was made by the dogs choosing which bowl to eat kibble out of.

Jimmy placed two bowls of dog food at the end of a ramp, each labeled for either the Broncos or the Panthers. After giving the dogs rules, such as "no peeing or butt sniffing," the late-night talk show host let the nine puppies run lose.

The furry friends quickly rushed to bowl representing the Denver Broncos, even piling up on top of it. The dogs didn't even attempt to go for the Panthers' bowl.

The conclusion of the event lead the 41-year-old host to declare the Broncos were the heavy favorite and will be the obvious winner during Sunday's matchup -- according to his group of experts.

"That was a landslide right there," he said.

While the dogs always haven't been correct, they're prediction process has always been a crowd favorite.

In 2015, the furrballs picked the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl, but the team fell short. That same year the doggies said Oregon Ducks would win the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, which they didn't.

Correct or not, we look forward to the next puppy prediction!