Craig Sjodin / ABC / . 1 / 7
Craig Sjodin / ABC / . 1 / 7

Ben who? Love is already in the air for JoJo Fletcher as "The Bachelorette" and it could be with a highly controversial former "Bachelor."

The Texas native was dismissed by Ben Higgins during the finale of "The Bachelor" last week, but she's wasting no time in trying to find a man.

Her journey is being chronicled by the show's creator Mike Fleiss through his Twitter.

"JoJo is taking this very seriously," he tweeted on March 18 after JoJo apparently had her first one-on-one date. "She really did love @benhiggi and wants what Lauren has…"

America seemed to fall in love with the peppy JoJo and felt for her after Ben told her that he loved her, but chose to be with Lauren Bushnell, another woman who he said he loved. Producers immediately cast her as the star of season 12 of "The Bachelorette."

"JoJo still has 20 great guys from which to choose. I think she's gonna find love…" Mike tweeted on March 17. "Today's update: JoJo and the remaining 20 men are all in bed. Don't get any crazy ideas. It was a long night. #wrongsideofsunrise."

Apparently some of these guys in bed with her also seem to have an accessory: facial hair.

"So many dudes with beards…" the show's creator tweeted. "JoJo is gonna break out the straight edge and shave one of these guys!"

Shortly afterward, he said the first group date had taken place.

"The first group date was hot, hot, hot!!! #makeAmericahotagain," he wrote. "Hot like, en fuego! #makeamericahotagain."

He later said that JoJo had kissed "3.5" men and said that he planned to essentially live tweet JoJo's experience without giving away spoilers (we think!) all season long.

"I'm here for you #BachelorNation!!!," he said on March 20. "The updates can't be silenced!!!"

There is also a familiar face in the group for Bachelor viewers, as former "Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis returns to vie for JoJo. Juan Pablo really irked fans of the show by his sometimes dismissive attitude and by refusing to tell Nikki Ferrell he loved her, despite picking her at the end of the his season.

He even trolled Andi Dorfman after she split with Josh Murray in January 2015.

If nothing else, with Juan Pablo, it promises to be a dramatic season, for better or for worse.

The show premieres in May.