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Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt were together for 18 years when they split nearly a year ago. But, was it too hard to say goodbye for real?

Star magazine is reporting that Jon and Jennifer are back together, saying that he simply can't let go of her.

"Jon did and still does rely on Jennifer," a source told the publication.

Star is hardly a pillar of facts (and that's saying something from the tabloid world), but there have been rumors for months that these two were destined for a reconciliation.

Just a few weeks after they split in September 2015, Jon took home an Emmy award and he thanked his ex in his speech. In November of that same year, they were spotted together at a star studded event in New York to honor Hollywood legend Mike Nichols. There was talk again earlier this year in January that they were on the verge of getting back together, too.

Star says their official reconciliation began in May after photos emerged showing the actor in an Atlanta bar holding a drink, although it was never confirmed whether there was alcohol in the drink.

In 2015 Jon sought treatment for alcohol addiction after his TV series "Mad Men" came to an end. At the time, there was a report that said Jen told Jon that it was over before he checked into rehab, to which their rep denied.

"Jennifer wants a life that Jon can't give her. Jennifer was tired of it," a source told In Touch at the time, adding that the split was amicable. "People are happy for her and hoping she never takes him back."

Jon, the magazine said, wanted to rekindle the romance.

Star claims in it's newest issue that when Jen saw the May photos, she "rushed to his side" help him, adding that she used their dog, Cora, as an excuse to visit him often after he got back on his feet.

When the duo split, Entertainment Tonight quoted a source, saying, "Jon and Jennifer really fought hard to make their relationship work, Jennifer more so than Jon. They were together for many years, but in the end, it was too much work. It's no secret that Jon likes to go out and leads a very party-heavy lifestyle. And Jennifer was just tired of that."

"She wanted him to grow up … and he never wanted to," the source adds. "She was tired of being his mother."