The Brangelina divorce drama continues.

Angelina Jolie's father Jon Voight opted to not pick sides in the acrimonious split on Sept. 23, just four days after his daughter filed for divorce.

The 77-year-old actor was caught by paparazzi leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, California and inquisitive photogs asked about his daughter's state in the wake of her split from Brad Pitt.

Jon replied to a question about how Angelina was holding up, saying, "I'm sure she's doing fine."

Another paparazzo asked whether or not Jon will be "supporting Brad through all this" and Jon gave a surprising answer. Despite allegations about an incident on a private jet involving Brad getting into a confrontation with the family's eldest son, Maddox, Jon didn't seem to paint Brad as the bad guy in the divorce.

"Listen, I'm concerned about, you know, anybody's going through stuff, tough times, for the family and for the kids," Jon stated, not taking a definitive stance on whose side he would be taking in the aftermath of the celebrity split.

In the encounter, which can be seen in the TMZ video below, Jon quickly shuts down any more questions after that response.

When photographers ask if he has something he would like to say to his daughter Jon replies, "No, no guys, that's it."

Angelina and Jon have had a tumultuous relationship in the past, with some problems stemming from Jon speaking out in the press about his daughter. Back in 2002 Jon told Access Hollywood that his daughter had mental problems, which led to a rift in their relationship.

The father and daughter didn't speak for years after that, and only reunited during Angelina's mother Marcheline Bertrand's battle with ovarian cancer in 2010.

Earlier this week after news broke Jon spoke with Inside Edition. In the phone interview he stated, "something very serious must have happened for Angelina to make a decision like this," though he admitted he did not know what that it was.

"I am concerned for Angie and the children, and hopefully I'll be seeing them very soon," Jon shared.

It's unknown whether the family members are currently on speaking terms.