So fresh, so clean …

Much to the delight of people with eyes, Justin Bieber has cut off his white-boy dreads. Our prays have been answered!

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On Friday April 29, the Biebs posted a slew of caption-less Instagram photos in which he showed the relieved world that he'd ditched the dreads for a new, much shorter 'do.

We'll always love the OG "Bieber" style first and foremost (because who doesn't love a classic?), but really at this point we'd take anything over those dreadful dreads, which (in case you've blocked from your memory) he debuted earlier in the month to much criticism.

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Two of the photos Bieber posted of his new style appear to be taken from backstage of his Friday night show, which was held at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., which was yet another stop on the singer's "Purpose" World Tour.

The "What Do You Mean?" singer posted another snap on Friday night that highlighted the ripped jean-wearing bad boy's shorn style as he disembarked from what we assume is his private jet. Oh la la!

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After singing for his supper in our nation's capital, Bieber next hits up New York City's Barclay Center. The "Sorry" singe will be performing in the Big Apple on Wednesday May 4 and Thursday May 5. Sadly, his Vanilla Ice-inspired hairstyle will not be coming along for the journey.

Oh and in case you've already erased the image of those dreads from your memory, here's a little refresher …


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Just days prior to the chop, the 22-year-old came under fire by posting an Instagram in which he (inadvertently/accidentally/embarassingly) compared himself to God. The devout Christian posted a sleepy snap in which he captioned the image, "And on the 7th day."

The photo drummed up controversy because his caption is a reference to a chapter of Genesis, which reads, "And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done."

Many outlets, bloggers and Instagram commenters slammed the singer for basically comparing himself/calling himself God. Perhaps the Biebs didn't read about that whole blasphemy thing in popstar school? Or maybe he's just too tired from his shows to understand his implication? Either which way, Bieber quickly edited the Instagram snap after the outcry to address and clarify his misspeak.

Let's get real people: God would never have had that hairstyle … and we're glad that now Bieber doesn't either. Amen!