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Mystery solved. A day after a love-struck Justin Bieber used social media to track down a young woman he had developed a crush on, the world spoke and revealed who this mystery woman was.

The brunette beauty, who bears a sticking resemblance to Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, is apparently a young woman named Cindy Kimberly who uses the Instagram name "wolfiecindy." And Cindy has admitted that she's pretty overwhelmed with all the sudden attention.

"I so do not know how to deal with this but I only have Instagram and Tumblr so whatever other stuff people are finding is fake (I did use to have a Twitter account but I deactivated)," she told her 140,000 (and counting) Instagram followers on Dec. 8, while posting a blank image. As Cindy's identity was revealed, many people have created fraudulent social media pages pretending to be her.

The woman's world changed when The Biebs posted a photo of the brunette bombshell to his Instagram on Dec. 7, writing the caption, "Omg who is this!!" As expected, many woman came forward claiming to be the mystery woman that was apple of Justin's eye, but they, of course, weren't being truthful.

However, it appears that "wolfiecindy" is Justin's social media muse. Cindy, in looking though her Instagram, has a penchant for taking selfies.

"My name is Cindy and I get too excited about fictional related stuff," her Instagram bio says, which also links to her YouTube channel, which has nearly 5,000 subscribers.

Justin's latest crush comes after his off-and-on girlfriend Selena Gomez was reportedly spotted kissing One Direction's Niall Horan at Jenna Dewan's birthday party in Los Angeles. Just a few days prior to his Cindy-seeking, Justin posted a throwback picture of he and Selena that sent his 47.2 million followers into a tizzy. That posting came just a few weeks after Justin was spotted serenading Selena at a Los Angeles restaurant to the song "My Girl."

Now that you know who she is, your move, Justin.