@justintheroux / Instagram 1 / 10
@justintheroux / Instagram 1 / 10

Justin Theroux is getting the hang of this Instagram thing just fine ... and pleasing his nearly 80,000 followers in the process.

When "The Leftovers" star joined Instagram a week ago with an amazing black and white selfie, fans begged him to post images of his wife Jennifer Aniston. Well, ask and it will be given. On Dec. 9, Justin turned to his social media to post a stunning image of his wife, while also calling her his "crush." (Nicely played, Justin.)

The photo features Jen from the back in a gorgeous flowing red Valentino dress. Her hands are on her hips and she appears to either be walking or waiting.

Justin used no words in the caption, using the hashtags, #wcw, #valentinored and #xo.

#WCW, of course, is social media shorthand for "Woman Crush Wednesday," meaning social media users post their person who is the apple of their eye.

Within just 8 hours, the image had over 8,000 likes and was quickly becoming his most liked photo to date.

The image is likely taken from the 2013 Oscars, as Jen wore that very dress to the glamorous event -- so, in essence, it's also a throwback picture, too.

"I just loved the color," Jen told People magazine at the time. "It fits, it's comfortable and it's easy to pee in. You just lift, hoist and do a couple squats!"

It's the first photo of Jen that Justin has posted to his Instagram. Since joining, his page has consisted of fun photos of famous friends, pets and even one epic selfie of a 16-year-old Justin.