Could Justin Timberlake be feeling the long arm of the law for taking a selfie in a Tennessee voting booth?

No, but that wasn't the case for much of Tuesday after the Shelby County District Attorney's Office said the singer was "under review" for taking a photo and posting it to Instagram. In a law passed last year, it's illegal to take photos or record conversations in voting booths.

The punishment for violators is a potential 30-day jail sentence and a $50 fine. According to TMZ, no one has ever been prosecuted for violating the law so far.

After most the day had passed on Tuesday, an official for the DA's office said he misspoke when saying JT was "under review," telling the celebrity website that the D.A. was aware of the selfie, but no law enforcement agent, election commission official or police officer had filed a formal complaint, so the matter wasn't on the table for review. In other words, Justin is in the clear. Case closed.

The whole fiasco started after the "Can't Stop The Feeling" singer flew from Los Angeles to his hometown of Memphis to vote and he took a selfie to encourage his 37 million followers to get out to the polls.

"On Hey! You! Yeah, YOU! I just flew from LA to Memphis to #rockthevote !!!," he wrote. "No excuses, my good people! There could be early voting in your town too. If not, November 8th! Choose to have a voice! If you don't, then we can't HEAR YOU! Get out and VOTE! #excerciseyourrighttovote."

According to TMZ, an official from the election's board where Justin voted is "clearly against prosecution," saying that JT should be commended for inspiring people to get out and vote.

While he didn't exactly acknowledge who he cast his ballot for, it's pretty fair to assume that he's voting for Hillary Clinton, as he and his wife Jessica Biel held a fundraiser at their Los Angeles home for the politician in August.

Justin and Jessica couldn't help but gush about their house guest, taking photo booth pictures with her and sharing them on social media.

Look who came over for lunch... 👀 #imwithher

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"Look who came over for lunch...," Jessica captioned the photo strip with her, Justin and Hillary clowning around for the camera.

Justin shared the same photo to his Instagram, saying, "Look WHO DID come over for lunch... Wow. #imwithher."