Rosé all day... literally! Perhaps no one in the history of mankind has ever been stranded on a deserted island so luxuriously as "Below Deck" star Kate Chastain.

The reality star revealed that she was once stranded on a plot of land in the middle of the ocean with nothing more than chips, designer dresses and a case of rosé wine over Thanksgiving in 2009.

We know, it's almost difficult to feel sympathy for her!

The reality TV star shared her experience with the New York Post, saying, "The speedboat I was on, we were on our way down to Turks and Caicos, just the captain, his friend and I, and the captain wanted to cut corners and get there quickly and he hit a coral reef and we were shipwrecked for three days on a desert island."

Being a veteran of yachting, Kate knew they needed to grab essentials from the boat before it potentially began sinking, but the boat wasn't completely stocked with the typical supplies.

"We had like two boxes of potato chips and, luckily, about four cases of Domaine Ott rosé wine, so actually it was like a mini-vacation," she told the Page Six section of the newspaper.

Kate, who has worked on yachts for about eight years, said she started looking at salvaging her wardrobe during the chaotic time, too... ya know, as you do when a boat is damaged.

"I went down to my closet and I was like, 'Leather jacket, you're coming with me. Okay, Pucci dress, I can wear you out,'" she said, adding, "I don't know where I thought I was going, I was going to a desert island if I survived. But my first instinct was to grab my most treasured clothes."

On Tuesday, she even tweeted a photo of her temporary home.

"Actual photo of the island I was shipwrecked on for 3 days during thanksgiving 2009 @Bravotv #BelowDeck," she wrote.

Kate, who works as a chief stew on Captain Lee Rosbach's boat, Valor, said no one spoke about the incident because they feared repercussions.

"[The captain's] brothers came over on a boat from Miami and towed us back, 'cause he didn't want to call the officials because he'd be in trouble for hitting the reef," she said.