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Kelly Clarkson has two children that she absolutely loves, and she's "super thankful" that she won't ever be adding to her brood.

The singer has been open about the difficult pregnancies she's experienced, and she's had her tubes tied to prevent another child. Her husband, Brandon Blackstock, has also undergone a vasectomy.

"I am super thankful I'm never going to be pregnant again," the mother of River, 2, and Remington, 6-months, told Extra. "I have my beautiful children and I'm done!"

Aside from her two children, Kelly is also the stepmother to Brandon's two older children, Savannah, 14, and Seth, 11.

Balancing family and career is a difficult task for the busy mom.

"We're still working on [the balance,]" she said. "It's pretty hard, being a working mom - I'm not gonna lie - but it's worth it for not only my little girls, but our boys to see women working and still being able to do that and accomplish being a great mom, which I feel like I'm doing. I think it's worth it definitely..."

She added, "I have a great teammate with my husband. He will definitely reel me in when I'm like, 'It's all going down, we're losing it!'"

In a recent chat with Access Hollywood, Kelly said she has "the worst pregnancies ever."

"I would die if I had to do it again. It was horrible," she said. "Nausea is for weak people. It was, like, hospitalization. It's, like, bad. I had the worst pregnancies ever. I would end up in the hospital, dehydrated. People had to come to our house and I'd be on fluids."

To be clear, Kelly knows that it's all worth it.

"Apparently that's what it takes to make amazing babies, because they're both stellar," she said. "We've made them and it's done."