Say hello to the newest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family!

Kylie Jenner introduced the world to her newest pet -- and her fifth dog -- on July 30.

Her name? Penny.

mom duty

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Penny was an early 19th birthday gift from Kylie's friend Jordyn Woods (Kylie turns 19 on Aug. 10).

"So surprised! Jordyn told me she was going to the doctor.. & came back w penny! I had no idea," Kylie explained on Twitter on July 30.

The reality star proudly shared photos and videos of her new puppy on Instagram and Snapchat and even teased her dachshund Ernie -- she adopted him in March 2016 -- about the new addition.

In one clip, Kylie can be heard asking an excited Ernie as he chases Penny around the couch, "Ernie, do you have a girlfriend?"

Kylie Jenner via snapchat

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Kylie also shared videos of Penny burrowing into her bedsheets, standing on a patch of grass and being, well, generally adorable.

That face!

Kylie is also mom to a bunny named Bruce, adopted in 2015, plus three Italian greyhounds.

She got Norman in December 2014; Bambi in March 2015; and Sophia joined the gang in September 2015.

miss my angels 🐶

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All her pooches live a life of luxury.

In December 2015, Kylie revealed in a video on her website titled "K-9 Care" just how pampered they are.

"I only let them drink purified water. I have a little system connected to my sink," she explained, adding that she feeds them a diet of organic dog food.