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Mama June is going out on tour this summer, taking her slimmer body to, yes, several strip clubs.

The good news: she won't actually be stripping.

TMZ is reporting that Mama June Shannon has booked four strip club appearances in June, pocketing $20,000 for each of them. The reality star apparently has gigs booked in Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Once inside the clothing-not-optional spots, June will simply do meet and greets with fans, so her clothes will be staying on.

The celebrity website even got a hold of June's rider. While many celebrities demand things like private jets, suites and specific brands of booze, June's rider only asks for a standard hotel room and a business class airline seat.

When she goes to her Las Vegas appearance, though, she'll arrive in style on a private jet with porn stars Jesse Jane and "Little Sassee Cassee," who are hosting the evening with her.

This isn't exactly uncharted waters for June. Last year she made an appearance at a Florida strip club. There, she danced with strippers and even tried her hand at dancing on a stripper's pole.

For Mama June, she's probably just happy to be back to normal again. In March she was hospitalized after having fainting spells and doctors couldn't figure out why. She said it was likely because she was under a lot of stress, stemming from "Marriage Boot Camp," which she was starring in at the time along with her husband, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson. On the show, he admitted to cheating on her with men.

There was also a theory that she was running out of steam because of her stringent diet. June, who has been battling weight issues, had apparently been really going full speed ahead on her diet and admitted that she hadn't eaten much after passing out. A year ago, she said she had lost 45 pounds. She later said had gone from a size 28 to a size 16 thanks to her weight loss.

Mama June — shedding weight, but not shedding clothes.