The theme for Mariah Carey's Valentine's Day: more bubbles! The diva celebrated the big day with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka by sipping champagne in a hot tub.

Mariah posted several photos to her Instagram page early Wednesday morning showing her festive date.

The first image showed her and her man sitting in a copper-colored tub, champagne flutes in hand. A bikini-clad, cleavage-baring Mariah smiles as she looks at the camera. Bryan, muscles and all, looks on and smiles for the camera, as well.

"Happy Valentine's Day!! 😘 #happyvalentinesday #happy #moments #bubbles πŸ’–πŸ’– ," Mariah captioned the shot.

Afterward, the "Hero" singer shared another image, but this one of her by herself. In a festive tub (without water,) Mariah donned a spiky, silver bra as the tub was filled with confetti, streamers and balloons.

#happyvalentinesday #kisses 😘

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"#happyvalentinesday #kisses 😘," she said.

Finally, she shared a third photo from the same tub, showing her relaxing amid the colorful chaos of the bathtub.

#happyvalentinesday 🎈❀️️🍭

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Mariah and Bryan began dating shortly after her engagement to billionaire James Packer fell apart in late October. By early December, Mariah and Bryan looked "smitten" with each other.

It seems that James had suspected something with Bryan for a while. An October 2016 report in TMZ said James "grew jealous" of her relationship with Bryan, and "the tension boiled over in June at Mariah's show."

Bryan apparently showed up to the show even though he was injured and not performing, and James found this odd. The billionaire reportedly took Bryan into a room for a chat and there was a lot yelling, the website said. James even got Bryan banned from Caesars Palace, where Mariah performed in Las Vegas.

Sources close to Mariah think her former fiance got suspicious after she gave Bryan a lap dance during a May performance in South Africa. The lap dance is a staple of her show and sometimes involves audience members, celebrities or members of her team.