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From Bayside to the beard! Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who famously played Zack Morris on "Saved By The Bell," is nearly unrecognizable with his latest look.

Not only is the actor now sporting a bushy beard, but he also packed on quite a few pounds.

The altered appearance is all for his upcoming role in Fox's "Pitch," where he plays a major league baseball player for the San Diego Padres. Still, he remains coy about the exact amount of weight he's gained, but not because he's ashamed.

"I'll keep that a secret because insurance, because I may not qualify for life insurance," he said Monday at the 2016 TCA Summer Press Tour. "They always ask you oh have you gained or lost five pounds in a year and I'm like, 'Five pounds? I lose that in a week! I gain it in a week.' It was substantial."

"It's not too often that you walk into a casting room and the creator of the show says, 'I'd like to have you to play a character,'" he said. "A lot of times in television they'll have you come in and there's a character on the page, but they're really buying yourself."

Interestingly enough, it's Mark's memorable role as a high schooler at Bayside High that made it necessary for the new look.

"I've been in the industry for a while and I do have something that follows me. Dan [Fogelman, creator] was really the first to say 'I want to break that,'" he said. "'I don't want people to recognize you right away' -- that's the beard."

One person not entirely pleased with the transformation is Mark's wife.

"My wife hates it. She says I didn't buy you with a beard. 'I want the model without the beard,'" he said. "We have four children and I think it'll remain at four children, let me put it that way. It's a home-grown contraceptive."

"Pitch" debuts on Sept. 22.

Side note: With this new look, is this the moment where we actually have to say farewell to our friend, Zack Morris?