You'd think Miranda Lambert would know that the people of the Internet don't like to see celebs in fur! The country singer sparked controversy when she posted an Instagram photo of herself, wrapped in an ankle-length fur coat on Dec. 26.

Along with the snap, the newly single singer boasted, "I'm so fancy... You already know" my Nonny gave me two of her fur coats! I definitely know where I got my love for DIAMONDS, FUR and WHISKEY! #familytradition #grandmastreasures #besthandmedownever #wandathewanderer #bringitwinter."

While the "Red Wagon" singer seemed jazzed about her Christmas gift, many of her social media fans were less than thrilled, posting negative comments on the Instagram post.

Miranda didn't directly comment on the criticism, but an hour later posted a new Instagram which seemed to address the remarks, explaining the fur was vintage and belonged to her grandmother Wanda Coker.

The country girl posted a split snap of her grandmother and the embroiled name in the coat's lining. The blonde wrote, "Her name embroidered inside is priceless. A family heirloom I will cherish forever. I'm so thankful for her and all the things I have learned from her. Nonny is strong, beautiful, feisty and most of all, loving. #grandmastreasures #diamondsfurandwhiskey #wandathewanderer."