It will be a boy for Nick Cannon and his off-and-on girlfriend Brittany Bell, according to a report in Us Weekly.

The artist confirmed that he was about to be a father of three during an interview with The Breakfast Club in November.

"Who said it wasn't mine?" Nick replied when asked about Brittany's pregnancy. "I've got a baby on the way … absolutely ... God said be fruitful and multiply. I'm doing the lord's work out here."

Rumors that he was expecting a little bundle of joy surfaced in early November. Brittany, a former beauty queen, is believed to be seven months along.

Coincidentally, Nick has a new single out titled, "Baby on the Way."

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Nick said of his impending third child, "It's outstanding. Honestly, they say even in unexpected situations, you still embrace the beauty of bringing a life into this world, because that is what life is all about."

Brittany has taken to Instagram of late to show off her growing baby bump.

💛 "Children are a gift from God..." Psalm 127:3

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Last month she posted an image of her holding her small bump. "💛 'Children are a gift from God...' Psalm 127:3," she said.

She later shared another image of her wearing a shirt featuring gum balls where her belly was protruding.

"Life growing inside you is fun during the holidays.. people ask what I/we dressed up as .. well.. here you go 💋 #gumballmachine #bubble," she said.

Before Nick confirmed the baby was his, the former Miss Arizona USA and Miss Universe Guam shared a snap with other beauty queens, most of whom were touching her belly.

"A sweet moment of #celebration with a few of the many incredible women in my life. Missing the rest of you 👑👑👑👑👑," she wrote. "Miss USA /Miss Universe not only puts you in a rare sisterhood no money can buy.. but your child ends up with some of the most naturally beautiful, sweetest, and strongest women from around the country/world to call Aunties!!💛 👑 #misscaliforniausa#misswyomingusa #missarizonausa #missusa."