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"Orange is the New Black" Dascha Polanco was in a New York court on Dec. 3 to face an assault charge which stems from an incident in July when she allegedly punched a teenage girl in the face and pulled her hair.

Her court appearance, in which the actress reportedly looked glum, also coincided with her 33rd birthday. She faces assault, attempted assault and harassment charges.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by the New York Post, Dascha was arrested on July 29 for allegedly attacking 17-year-old Michelle Cardona.

"Ms. Cardona observed the defendant strike Ms. Cardona about the face and head with a closed fist at least three times, pull Ms. Cardona's hair, and strike Ms. Cardona's arms with the defendant's hands and nails," court papers said.

Police said Dascha suffered "bruising and redness to her face, scratches to her arms, and substantial pain." She was hospitalized for her injuries.

The fight occurred inside Dascha's New York home, but court documents don't indicate what started the cat fight. Police, at that time, indicated that the alleged victim was invited into Dascha's home.

Dascha's lawyer said the entire case is much ado about nothing.

"It's a set up to try to get money and it was tape recorded," her lawyer said. "This young woman was trying to extort her to drop the case. We're confident the charges will be dismissed."

She's due back in court in January.