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A royal blue dress for someone with royally deep pockets!

One of Princess Diana's most iconic dresses is up for auction, and it's expected to go for upwards of $150,000.

The floor-length dress is a blue, sequined Catherine Walker gown, with long sleeves, a modest V-neckline, a slightly cinched waistline with a slit up the front. The Princess of Wales wore the dress several times (thank God there wasn't "Fashion Police" in those days,) including during a state visit to Austria in 1986, to the Diamond Ball in 1990 and to the film premiere of "Biggles" in 1993.

The dress has been up for auction and purchased several times before. In June 1997, three months before her tragic death, Diana herself auctioned in off at Christie's in New York. In 2013, it went on sale again with Kerry Taylor Auctions That time, it sold for $131,000.

The dress is again being sold to the highest bidder on June 14. The-saleroom.com, an online antiques dealer, will list the dress and it's believed that it will sell for between $117,000 and $145,000.

"Diana had enormous faith in [Catherine Walker's] taste and judgment, so much so that on this occasion she didn't even ask to see provisional sketches - just asked her to select and make the dresses on her behalf," the auction house said. "This extremely glamorous, sparkling gown was the only totally sequined example to form part of the Princess' 1980s wardrobe."

The auction house will also list several other items from Diana's personal collection. Up for bid will be Diana's teal tartan Emanuel B. Couture coatdress, which she wore when she visited Italy with Princes Charles in 1985. It estimated that that piece of royal history will be a little more affordable, by rich people standards. The starting price for that is $14,000 and it's expected to be sold for anywhere between $14,000 and $21,000.