Former "Real World" stars Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy had just had their eighth child -- that's right, we said eight! We don't know about you but we're used to reality TV scandals -- not wholesome reality TV news!

On Thursday, June 2, Sean, who is now a Republican congressman, shared several adorable photos of the family's wee one, who joined the world on Sunday, May 29.

Sean, who is currently serving his third term in congress representing the state of Wisconsin, posted a compilation of pics to social media. Along with the adorable photos, the TV personality-turned-politician wrote, "Our family is so blessed! We are excited to welcome our eighth, Patrick Miguel Duffy, into the world! He is happy and healthy, and his siblings can't get enough of him!"

In the images, the proud papa shows off his swaddled baby boy, who also gets some love from his mom and sister in some of the other snaps. The new bundle of love has seven other siblings, whose ages range between 2 and 16.

Rachel posted a similar collage on her Facebook page and wrote, "Meet Patrick Miguel Duffy! He was born Sunday at 1:03 pm & weighed 5.13 lbs. I know he is baby #8, but this 'new life' thing never gets old!!! And the kids can't get enough of him. … It's gonna be wonderful life!"

For those of you who need a little refresher on all things "Real World" — Rachel was on the OG season of the revolutionary MTV show, which took place in San Francisco in 1994, while Sean was on the Boston season of "Real World" back in 1997. However the reality stars didn't meant until 1998 while filming "Road Rules: All Stars." The two were wed in 1999. Their other children are named Xavier Jack, Evita Pilar, John-Paul, Lucia-Belen, Paloma Pilar, MariaVictoria Margarita, Margarita Pilar.

Apparently the "Real World" and "Road Rules" were at one time about something more than jello shots, making out in the confessional and bikini fights — someone actually fell in love?! Who knew!

Just like Rihanna did that one time, Sean and Rachel found love in a hopeless place … on the set of the "Road Rules."