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Joe Stevens / Retna Ltd. 1 / 6

Bye Bye, Brooks!

Us Weekly is reporting that the OG of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" might have a new man in her life.

Following the drama of her four year relationship with potential cancer faker, Brooks Ayers, Vicki was spotted out with a man in Anaheim, California over the weekend. And while there's not much information on Vicki's potential new squeeze, Smith Walker, we're sure her family and reality show cast mates are delighted that the housewife is moving on.

The rumored new couple reportedly danced the night away at a saloon called The Ranch on Nov. 6, the same week Vicki admitted she wasn't entirely sure her ex truly has cancer.

"My gut says he doesn't have it. I don't have any proof that he doesn't, and he won't give me enough proof that he does." Vicki stated on the last installment of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion special on Nov. 1.

This was the first time Vicki admitted to having doubts about the authenticity of Brooks' illness, as she spent the entire tenth season at odds with the other women, and her own daughter, defending that her beau was sick.

For his part, Brooks claims Vicki told him otherwise. On Nov. 2, the reality star told E! News the opposite, stating, "She said no, she didn't feel like she's been duped and secondly, she does now believe that I have cancer."

Regardless of Vicki's beliefs about her ex, we're hoping these rumors of the housewife moving on are true!