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In the summer of 2015 Rick Ross was sitting on house arrest, but he was hardly sweating it. From the looks of his amenities, it may be the most plush "detainment" in history.

Da Boss, as he's known to many hip hop fans, spent three months in his 109-room Georgia mansion, biding his time in, among other places, his lavish bowling alley and in his floor-to-ceiling closest that features hundreds of Air Jordan sneakers.

He showed off his digs to luxury site, The Coveteur.

Photos from within the rapper's house show glitz and glamour, nothing like the jail cell he was in for a week after being accused of pistol-whipping an employee for throwing a party at his house when the boss wasn't home.

While everything in the house screams swank, it's perhaps his sneaker collection that is the most impressive. Sneakerheads would go nuts for his wall to wall collection of trainers.

Other images show that he has a space dedicated to leather goods, including leather bags, luggage, jackets and stuffed animals.

And what would any rapper worth their weight in gold be without a jewelry collection. Rick isn't shy about showing off his bling, wearing it in many of the images snapped within his not-so-humble abode.

"@thecoveteur #ROZAY article is up," he tweeted, clearly proud of the article showing off his lifestyle.

Ricky Rozay, another one of his nicknames, purchased the mansion in 2014 for $5.8 million after it had been foreclosed on. It had previously been home to boxer Evander Holyfield.

The 54,000 square-foot mansion, located just outside of Atlanta, sits on 235 acres and is the largest single family home in the state of Georgia. It features 109 rooms, including 12 bedrooms and a meager 21 bathrooms.

Other amenities include the aforementioned bowling alley and a home theater. The 350,000 gallon pool is reportedly the largest in the nation.

The property also includes a seven-stall barn, baseball field with lights and a scoreboard, an indoor pool, separate boxing gym, recording studio, and guest house.

So, a little better than county jail.